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Developer Richard Brooksby
Format Other
Interaction style Parser
System Amstrad CPC
System details
Latest version 4.5 / 1989
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support Graphics (disk-based games)
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The ADLAN (ADventure LANguage) adventure game compiler was created by Richard Brooksby and published by Graduate Software in 1988 for the Amstrad CPC.

Unlike most other 8-bit adventure systems at the time, rather than running from disk or loading into memory from cassette tape, the compiler element of the system was supplied on a physical ROM. The user would write their adventure in a text file and that source would then be turned into a machine code program by the ADLAN system.

The system required an Amstrad CPC fitted with a disk drive, but it could produce both disk and cassette-based adventures. When running from disk, games could load in graphics and additional text.

The system came with a demonstration adventure Bar Trek that was written by Richard Brooksby and a school friend.

ADLAN is available through the author's website, with an image of the ROM that can be used in an emulator or burnt onto a chip for use in a real Amstrad CPC.


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