ADRIFT Hourglass Comp 2006

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ADRIFT Hourglass Comp 2006
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The Hourglass Competition, a.k.a. the 3rd Three Hour Games Competition, is a minicomp for new ADRIFT games written in three hours or less. Original voting deadline: 26th August 2006 and was extended to 31st August 2006. Organizer: Woodfish.

Hourglass Comp

Note: Every entry was written in ADRIFT 4.00.


  • Games must be made in three hours or less, this is the challenge and focus of the competition. Brief paper/mental planning is allowed, but the game making itself must be done in three hours.
  • Entries must be made with ADRIFT v3.9 or ADRIFT v4.
  • Games must be original work.
  • A limit of three entries per author.
  • All entries to be sent to woodfish5 [~AT~]
  • The deadline for entries is the 7th August 2006 (deadline extended from 5th).
  • Any problems or questions, ask in the announcement thread or email Woodfish at the above address.
  • ... plus, this time the competition has the added bonus of a mystery prize and certificate for the winner (provided they're in the UK)!


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