ADRIFT Summer Comp 2002

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ADRIFT Summer Comp 2002 also called the Adrift Summer Minicomp ran during August 2002. The organizer was Ken Franklin. The submission deadline was 16:00 GMT on Sunday 18 August 2002. Judging ended at 16:00 GMT on Sunday 25 August 2002.


  1. All games must be written using Adrift 4.0
  2. There is a limit of 25 rooms (as in rooms in the Adrift generator). It is always possible to make one room seem like many.
  3. All entries must be accompanied by a walkthrough, which can be a simple transcript from the runner.
  4. Overall filesize limit of 200k - reasonable with the other limitations. The original ALR file does not need to be included as it can be exported for examination. This limit applies to the size of the submitted file and it can be in a .ZIP file. When files are posted for downloading they will all be in a zipped form.
  5. Games must not be passworded.
  6. Naturally enough the games should be a completely original work.
  7. No more than two entries will be accepted from one contributor.
  8. Entries should not be discussed until after the closing date for judging. This does not stop you from taking part in collaborations or using betatesters.
  9. Contributors may also be judges, but must not judge their own entries.

Entries and Results

(Note: the Shadow Vault database incorrectly lists these games with ADRIFT Spring Comp 2002.)


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