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AXMA Story Maker
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AXMA Story Maker is a tool for creating interactive stories where parts of the story (called passages) are represented as blocks and links between passages are shown as lines connecting the blocks. Passages that contain broken links are highlighted and can be easily indentified.

AXMA Story Maker requires no programming knowledge, uses an intuitive graphic organization of the story and has a straightforward user interface, which guarantees creating an interactive story has never been so easy!

As a published story is a compact HTML file, you can host it on your website, email it to your friends or submit it to online library.


AXMA Story Maker features

  • A highly intuitive visual interface;
  • An easy to use internal editor with syntax highlighting;
  • Image and background music support;
  • No programming knowledge required;
  • Full Unicode support (i.e. stories can be written in any language);
  • Instantly publish your stories to our online library;
  • Stories are compiled into a single compact HTML/CSS file;
  • Mobile friendly;
  • Readers can save and load their progress at any point;
  • Versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


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