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AdventureCon 2007
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AdventureCon 2007 is a new convention for adventure fans, managed by Malinche Entertainment, and co-founded by Howard A. Sherman of Malinche, and Randy Sluganski of Just Adventure. The event was meant to be held on August 28–29, 2007 weekend at the Mirage in Las Vegas and, ideally, it would've been timed to coincide with both the 30th anniversary of Zork I and the release of the newest Pentari games by Malinche. As fate would have it, AdventureCon 2007 did not take place, and the current plan (as of May 2007) is to hold AdventureCon in 2008.

At the height of planning/reporting, a few guests had been confirmed to attend: Scott Adams (author of Adventureland and other games), Al Lowe (best known for the Leisure Suit Larry series), Jane Jensen (author of the Gabriel Knight series), and Chris Jones (Tex Murphy). Of course, as host, Howard A. Sherman of Malinche and author of the Pentari series would also be in attendance.

Because the convention's pages have been removed from the web, exact details on what happened are no longer available. However, it is known that the original prices at the Mirage were rather high, and later reduced via a deal Sherman worked out with the Mirage. Dates were changed to accommodate at least one of the guests' schedules. Also, the scope of the event seemed to change over time, morphing from adventures and Zork to a more general gaming convention.

Also, it was eventually pointed out that there was a major scheduling conflict with Leipzig Games Convention (GC), the gigantic gaming convention in Germany running from August 23rd to 26th. This prompted the organizers to move the entire event to Atlantic City and the dates would now be sometime in September.

Lack of business support may have been the last straw for holding a convention in 2007. The website states that of the fifty "adventure game companies" contacted, only five responded, and only three of those responded positively.

In lieu of an AdventureCon 2007, there will be a "Kicking Zork Party" (details to be announced), and AdventureCon is postponed until 2008.


  • AdventureCon page - The home page. The contents of the page have changed several times during 2007. In May 2007, there was little left except a sign-in form for the AdventureCon mailing list, the resolve to hold AdventureCon 2008, and salutes to Adventureland, Zork I (its 30th birthday), Leisure Suit Larry (its 20th birthday), and Pentari: First Light (its 5th birthday).

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