Adventure Convention Awards 1993

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Adventure Convention Awards 1993
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The Adventure Convention Awards 1993 took place at the Adventure Convention at the end of October, 1993.

Adventure Convention Awards 1993 Winners

Adventure Convention Awards 1993 Finalists

Best 8-bit Adventure

  1. Tax Returns (Steve J. Clay, publisher: Zenobi Software; 1992; Spectrum).
  2. Lost Tomb of Ananka.
  3. tie: The Four Symbols; Death or Glory; Diarmid.

Best 16-bit Adventure

  1. The Four Symbols (The Grue!; 1992; MS-DOS).
  2. Oklib's Revenge (Sue Medley; 1992; AGT).
  3. The Test.

Best 8-bit Author

  1. Steve J. Clay.
  2. Jack Lockerby.
  3. tie: Jon Lemmon; Laurence Creighton; Simon Avery.

Best 16-bit Author

  1. The Grue!
  2. Sue Medley.

Best New Author

  1. tie: Martin Freemantle; "Marlon" (Margaret Crewdson and Lorna Patterson).
  2. Peter Council.
  3. tie: Dennis Francombe; The Grue!; Nigel Kettlewell.

Best Software House

  1. Wow Software.
  2. The Guild.
  3. Adventure Workshop.

Most Helpful Adventurer

  1. Joan Pancott.
  2. Barbara Gibb.
  3. Sue Medley.