Adventure Convention Awards 1991

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The Adventure Convention Awards 1991 took place at the Adventure Convention at the end of October, 1991.

Adventure Convention Awards 1991 Winners

Adventure Convention Awards 1991 Finalists

Best text-only 8-bit Adventure

  1. Axe of Kolt (Larry Horsfield, publisher: FSF Adventures; Spectrum).
  2. Spiro Legacy (Ken Bond).
  3. The Golden Sword of Bhakhor (Dennis Francombe).

Best graphic/text 8-bit Adventure

  1. The Blood of Bogmole (Jon Lemmon, publisher: Compass Software; Spectrum).
  2. Eve of Shadows (Rob Buckley).
  3. The Hermitage (Tony Collins).

Best text-only 16-bit Adventure

  1. The Mission (Jim MacBrayne).
  2. The Hammer of Grimmold (Jack Lockerby).
  3. The Holy Grail (Jim MacBrayne).

Best graphic/text 16-bit Adventure

  1. Spellcasting 101.
  2. Demons Tomb.
  3. The Magic Shop.

Best graphic Adventure

  1. LOOM.
  2. Operation Stealth.
  3. Cortizone.

Best animated Adventure

  1. The Secret of Monkey Island.
  2. Switchblade.
  3. Rick Dangerous.

Best 8-bit RPG

  1. Hero Quest.
  2. Lords of Chaos.
  3. Bard's Tale.

Best 16-bit RPG

  1. Might and Magik II.
  2. Champions of Krynn'.
  3. Eye of the Beholder.

Most Helpful Adventure House

  1. FSF Adventures.
  2. Zenobi Software.
  3. Wow Software.

Best Utility

  1. Hatrack II, authoring system for the Amiga.
  2. 3D Construction Kit (Incentive Software).
  3. PC Speed.

Most helpful PD Library

  1. From Beyond Public Domain (Tim Kemp & Gordon Inglis).
  2. Adventure PD (Debby Howard; Amstrad CPC).
  3. Syntax (Sue Medley; Atari ST).

Most Promising Author

  1. Bob Adams.
  2. Laurence Creighton.
  3. Larry Horsfield.

Most Helpful Adventurer of the Year

  1. Barbara Gibb.
  2. Walter Pooley.
  3. Joan Pancott.

Honourable Member of Probe

  1. Joan Pancott.