Adventure Convention Awards 1992

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The Adventure Convention Awards 1992 took place at the Adventure Convention at the end of October, 1992.

Adventure Convention Awards 1992 Winners

Adventure Convention Awards 1992 Finalists

Best text-only 8-bit Adventure

  1. The Taxman Cometh (Steve J. Clay, publisher: Wow Software).
  2. The Spectre of Castle Coris (FSF Adventures, publisher: Adventure Workshop).
  3. Run Bronwyn Run - (FSF Adventures, publisher: Adventure Workshop).

Best text-only 16-bit Adventure

  1. The Four Symbols (The Grue!; 1992; MS-DOS).

Best 16-bit graphic/animated Adventure

  1. The Secret of Monkey Island II.

Best RPG/strategy game

  1. Eye of the Beholder II.
  2. Golf (Microprose).
  3. Railroad Tycoon.

Best Text Adventure Author

  1. Larry Horsfield.
  2. The Grue!.
  3. tie: Simon Avery; Jack Lockerby.

Best Graphic/Animated Adventure Author

  1. tie: Ron Gilbert and Margaret Crewdson.

Best Commercial Adventure Company

  1. Lucasfilm.
  2. Magnetic Scrolls.
  3. tie: Level 9 and Sierra On-Line.

Best Software House

  1. Wow Software.
  2. Zenobi Software.
  3. Borphee Computers.

Best PD Library

  1. Adventure PD (Debby Howard)).
  2. From Beyond PD (Tim Kemp).
  3. Syntax PD (Sue Medley).

Most Helpful Adventurer

  1. Joan Pancott.
  2. The Grue!.
  3. Sue Medley.

Adventurer of the Year

  1. Mandy Rodrigues.
  2. Lorna Patterson.
  3. Tim Kemp.

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