L. Ross Raszewski

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Note: Ross' nickname on the ifMUD is DorianX.

Author Credits

Porting Credits

Technical Credits

  • BundleMonkey, a utility that bundles a story file and its interpreter together into one file.
  • GWindows, a complete UI Management system for Glulx-Inform.
  • IBlorb, a premier tool for building blorb files in Windows and DOS.
  • Blorbalize, a complete tool for analyzing blorb files.
  • Babel, a multipurpose tool that can analyze both story files and iFiction files, complete sparse iFiction files from story files, extract chunks such as ifiction files and cover art from blorb files, and bundle together story files, iFiction files, and cover art together into blorb files. Babel is a signatory and the primary tool of the Treaty of Babel.

Review and Article Credits

Other Credits

  • ICTYPE--An Interactive Faux Pas, a text-only transcript, submitted to IF Fan Fest 1998.