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Here are some issues known to contain articles about or related to interactive fiction. Descriptions of articles are quoted from the magazine's table of contents.

July 1980 | Volume 05 Number 07: Computers and Education

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  • "Creating a Fantasy World on the 8080" by Robert T. Nicholson. pg 210.
    Here are some valuable tips on designing your own Adventure game.

December 1980 | Volume 05 Number 12: Adventure

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  • "On the Road to Adventure" by Bob Liddil. pg 158.
    Along with a survey of the major Adventure games, here's an explanation of how to play them.
  • "Zork and the Future of Computerized Fantasy Simulations" by P. David Lebling. pg 172.
    One of the authors of Zork describes his game and how similar games may appear in the future.
    ▶ See also this raif thread about the article (from February 1992).
  • "Character Variation in Role-Playing Games" by Jon Freeman. pg 186.
    A variable set of character traits can be used to create a game of high adventure that is different every time you play it.
  • "Pirate's Adventure" by Scott Adams. pg 192.
    The man who first brought Adventure games to microcomputers gives us an entire listing of one of his most enjoyable games.
    This article at
  • "Lost Dutchman's Gold" by Bob Liddil and Teri Li. pg 208.
    Applesoft BASIC is well suited to the writing of games, as this program shows.
  • The User's Column: "BASIC, Computer Languages, and Computer Adventures" by Jerry Pournelle. pg 222.
  • Product Review: "Microsoft Adventure". Reviewed by Bob Liddil. pg 264.

May 1987 | Volume 12 Number 5: Desktop Publishing and Internal Modems

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