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First issue cover

The CAAD fanzine, also called simply CAAD, is a Spanish fanzine (now a magazine) edited by the Club de Aventuras AD and directed by Juan José Muñoz Falcó. The first Spanish language fanzine about adventure games, it was made in Valencia and distributed by mail to all Spain and some South-American countries. Primarily focused on conversational adventures (IF), it was published between April 1989 and December 2000. In that time, 38 issues were published in paper edition and ten more in PDF only edition.

Issue 50, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the publication of the first issue, appeared in May 2019, and since May 2020 with issue 51, the CAAD, as a magazine, is being published again, both as a free download PDF and in paper.


The CAAD had articles about adventure games and also on other adventure related topics: graphic adventures, gamebooks, mail games, role-playing games and Strategic games. It had an Q&A section and an adventure "bag" (Bolsa de aventuras) from which homegrown adventures were distributed, mainly made with PAWS.