Campbell Wild

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Campbell Wild is the creator of the Adventure Development & Runner Interactive Fiction Toolkit (ADRIFT).

Author Credits

Porting Credits

  • Jacaranda Jim (08-Feb-2002; ADRIFT). Based on Jacaranda Jim (Graham Cluley; 1987; MS-DOS).
  • Humbug (21-Dec-2003; ADRIFT). Based on Humbug (Graham Cluley; 1991; MS-DOS).

Tech Credits

Game Appearances

  • ADRIFT-O-Rama (Mystery; 2003; ADRIFT 4). The final hole of the mini-golf course is called "Campbell's Hole" where Campbell, as an NPC, sits on a sofa reading ADRIFT bug reports. Examining Campbell will briefly display a photograph of him before giving a text description.
  • ADRIFTMAS Party (Mystery; 2002; ADRIFT 4). Referred to only; does not appear as an NPC (Note: double-check this). The party is held at Campbell's house, and guests will talk about him if you ask about him.