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IFComp 2000
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The 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was organized by Stephen Granade.

2000 IF Comp Results

  1. Kaged (Ian Finley; TADS 2).
  2. Metamorphoses (Emily Short; Z-code).
  3. Being Andrew Plotkin (J. Robinson Wheeler as "Celie Paradis"; Z-code).
  4. Ad Verbum (Nick Montfort; Z-code).
  5. Transfer (Tod Levi; Z-code).
  6. My Angel (Jon Ingold; Z-code).
  7. Nevermore (Nate Cull; Z-code).
  8. Masquerade (Kathleen M. Fischer; Z-code).
  9. YAGWAD (John Kean as "Digby McWiggle"; Z-code).
  10. Shade (Andrew Plotkin as "Ampe R. Sand"; Z-code).
  11. Guess the Verb! (Leonard Richardson; Z-code).
  12. Letters from Home (Roger Firth; Z-code).
  13. Rameses (Stephen Bond; Z-code).
  14. The Djinni Chronicles (J. D. Berry; Z-code).
  15. The Best Man (Rob Menke; Z-code).
  16. And the Waves Choke the Wind (Gunther Schmidl; Z-code).
  17. At Wit's End (Mike Sousa; TADS 2).
  18. Dinner with Andre (Liza Daly; Z-code).
  19. Planet of the Infinite Minds (Alfredo Garcia; TADS 2).
  20. The Big Mama (Brendan Barnwell; Z-code).
  21. The End Means Escape (Stephen Kodat as "D.O."; TADS 2).
  22. Punk Points (Jim Munroe; Z-code).
  23. A Crimson Spring (Robb Sherwin; Hugo); tied with
    Enlisted (G. F. Berry; Z-code).
  24. Futz Mutz (Tim Simmons; TADS 2).
  25. Return to Zork: Another Story (Stefano Canali; Z-code).
  26. Unnkulia X (Valentine Kopteltsev; TADS 2).
  27. Desert Heat (Papillon; TADS 2).
  28. Got ID? (Marc Valhara; Z-code).
  29. Castle Amnos (John Evans; Z-code).
  30. The Masque of the Last Faeries (Ian R. Ball; Z-code).
  31. The Pickpocket (Alex Weldon; Z-code).
  32. The Trip (Cameron Wilkin; TADS 2).
  33. Happy Ever After (Robert M. Camisa; Z-code).
  34. Prodly the Puffin (Craig Timpany as "Wilber Nooseworthy" and Jim Crawford as "Incontinent Pineapple Van Buren"; Z-code).
  35. Withdrawal Symptoms (Niclas Carlsson; Z-code).
  36. Aftermath (Graham Somerville; TADS 2).
  37. The Clock (Cleopatra Kozlowski; TADS 2).
  38. Wrecked (Campbell Wild; ADRIFT).
  39. Threading the Labyrinth (Kevin F. Doughty; TADS 2).
  40. Void: Corporation (Jonathan Lim; AGT).
  41. 1-2-3... (Chris Mudd; Z-code).
  42. Escape from Crulistan (Alan Smithee; MS-Windows).
  43. Stupid Kittens (Marc Valhara as "Pollyanna Huffington"; Z-code).
  44. Marooned (Bruce Davis; ADRIFT).
  45. On the Other Side (Antonio Márquez Marín as "Lumpi"; MS-DOS).
  46. Jarod's Journey (Tim Emmerich; TADS 2).
  47. Infil-traitor (Chris Charla as "Anonymous"; MS-DOS).
  48. Comp00ter Game (Brendan Barnwell as "Austin Thorvald"; Z-code).
  49. Little Billy (Okey Ikeako; MS-Windows).
  50. Asendent (Nate Cull, Doug Jones, both as "Sourdoh Farenheit and Kelvin Flatbred"; Z-code).
  51. What-IF? (David Ledgard; Z-code).
  52. Breaking the Code (Gunther Schmidl as "Anonymous"; Z-code).

2000 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Ad Verbum (Nick Montfort; Z-code).
  2. Rameses (Stephen Bond; Z-code).
  3. Metamorphoses (Emily Short; Z-code); tied with
    Shade (Andrew Plotkin; Z-code).



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