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Formats Glulx, Z-code
Interaction style
System Other
System details
Latest version
Status Unmaintained
Uses interpreter Frotz, Git
Multimedia support
Notes Note that this interpreter cannot simply be downloaded and run to play game files.
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CellarDoor is a new Z-machine/Glulx interpreter for PalmOS (1.1.2). Its creator and maintainer is Jeremy Bernstein.

CellarDoor is an Inform (Z-Code and Glulx) interpreter for PalmOS. It is based on the code of Fangorn’s CliFrotz 1.6. As such, CellarDoor maintains support for Z-machine story files, while adding support for Glulx stories, as well as Z-machine and Glulx stories wrapped in the Blorb file format (.zblorb and .gblorb files).

CliFrotz was based on the Frotz v2.43 interpreter. Frotz is an Interactive Fiction interpreter that plays Z-machine (Infocom, Inform, [[Z-machine][Z-Code]]) games such as Zork and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. CliFrotz supported V1-V8 games and V6 MG1 graphics.

CellarDoor adds Glulx support via the Git interpreter (1.2.2) and uses a modified version of the CheapGlk library (0.9.0). It supports JPEG and PNG graphics, if they are found in Blorb files.

It requires an ARM-based PalmOS device with hi-res screen, OS4 or later, an expansion card and the large dynamic memory area available from OS4 onwards.

If your handheld does not meet these requirements, you may want to try Frobnitz, PilotFrotz or Kronos.

Principal features:

CellarDoor can run games in the following formats:

  • Z-machine (Z-Code, Infocom, Inform) V1-V8, including V6 with graphics, and newer games produced with Inform 7

Glulx (Inform)

  • Both of the above in Blorb files, supporting scalable JPEG and PNG graphics

Usage features:

  • Autosave (switching out of CellarDoor to another application pauses your game, permitting you to pick it up from where you stopped, without requiring a manual Save and Restore)
  • Category support helps you manage your story files
  • Pop-up verb/word lists, for quick access to most-used commands and actions. Two independent lists are available (useful for multilingual users).
  • Recording and playback of user input
  • Transcript support
  • User-definable undo level (for games which support it)
  • Frotz hotkey support (Z-machine only)
  • In-game notes
  • Really, very, extremely stable


  • Multiple fonts
  • Landscape and widescreen support for capable devices
  • 8- or 16-bit color graphics, with 2 interpolation quality levels
  • Custom fore- and background colors make CellarDoor easier on the eyes


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