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Creative Adventure Toolkit
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C.A.T. is the Creative Adventure Toolkit, a *free* text adventure and interactive fiction creator for Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP. There is also some sound and graphics supported.

The download (1.8mb) contains the Editor, Player, Help File and 2 Demo Adventures: Birth of the Phoenix (Ambrosine) and The Crystal Keepers (Doreen Bardon).

There are a number of free text and text/graphic adventures made with CAT on the site HomePage along with a review and some screenshots of the utility.

Current version: 2.89

Author: Philip Richmond.

Please note this program is no longer being updated. The author is developing the ThinBASIC Adventure Builder (TAB) project. DEMO OF TAB ADVENTURE PLAYER + GAMES NOW AVAILABLE! For more information go to:


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