Escape from the Crazy Place

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Escape from the Crazy Place
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Author(s) J. J. Guest
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Release date(s) 1984/1997/2006/2017
Authoring system Twine
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Language(s) English
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Color effects none
Graphics Cover Art, Illustrations (HTML Version)
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Merciful

How It Begins

You've been locked in a padded cell for no obvious reason with only a deranged hamburger-eating clown for company. The cell doesn't even have a door. So begins an adventure that will take you to many places including custard-filled caverns, the world's worst Indian restaurant, the planet Venus, and the inside of a cereal packet. You'll meet such strange characters as the peculiar Plugalug, the mysterious Cow of Honour, Rampateuay of the Hills (a prophet who predicts things he's about to do) and the sinister Boss.

Can YOU make it alive through the forest of the Ostrich People? Fathom the mysteries of the marmalade satnav? Survive the mutiny on the 'Milky Way'? Discover why you have ham on the brain, ham on the brain, ham on the ham on the ham on the brain? Can YOU escape from the Crazy Place?

A 90,000 word choice-based game, Escape from the Crazy Place has been in production on and off since it began in manuscript form back in 1984. An interactive round-robin story, it combines the talents of around 20 different authors. Some wrote just a page or two, others wrote dozens.


HTML versions

HTML TADS version

Twine version


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