Floyd (disambiguation)

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Floyd is best known as the robot NPC who plays a major role in two games by Infocom: Planetfall and Stationfall.

Floyd may also refer to:

  • Floyd (language) - a German authoring system by Oliver Berse.
  • Floyd (bot) - a bot on ifMUD which can be used to play IF games. He is located in the Toyshop and Floyditorium, just southwest of the Adventurer's Lounge.
  • Floyd (game) - Floyd (Adam Biltcliffe; 2001; Z-code). The sole entry to Speed-IF Schmeed-IF.
  • Floyd the Bouncer - an unrelated minor character in Zork Grand Inquisitor.

See also:

  • ClubFloyd - An informal group that uses ifMud's Floyd bot to play IF cooperatively on weekends, begun in September 2007.

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