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Frolg is a Z-machine assembler written by User:Zzo38. It is written in C, and is licensed under GNU GPL 3 or later version.

Here is a list of some features:

  • Macros
  • Dynamic fwords
  • Z-machine versions 1 to 10 (including 6)
  • Standard library defines names of instructions, and a few other macros
  • Optimal text packing algorithm
  • Multiple passes
  • Long text entry
  • Can define your own opcodes
  • Both relative and named (absolute) labels are supported
  • Four character encodings: ASCII/ZSCII (the default), CP437/CP850, Windows-1252/ISO-8859-1, and UTF-8
  • COMPLIANT mode disables the text packing algorithm and enables the Unicode translation table

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