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GESCH MiniComp
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Organiser Radical Al
Event dates
Registration begins 15 Nov 2006
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The Great Emily Short Cheese Heist Mini-Comp a.k.a. The GESCH MiniComp was a minicomp planned to be run in early 2007. It was cancelled due to receiving no intents to enter or any interest from potential judges. Community members expressed the perception that the idea was "odd"[1], "creepy"[2], and "a joke"[3].


Entrants were to use this premise for their games:

The authorities have been on the lookout for Emily Short who is known to have cornered the world cheese market and has bought up the world's entire supply of cheese. As a result, cheese prices have gone thru the roof and the average cheese lover can no longer afford the price of ANY cheese whatsoever since manufacturing has come to a standstill. She has been spotted in various locations throughout the world,but her last known whereabouts were verified to be in the state of Wisconsin, a.k.a. the Dairy State. Your job is to capture Emily, bring her to justice, find the hoarded cheese and repatriate it to the masses.
When play opens, you are in a seedy motel room in downtown Milwaukee, hot on the trail of Emily. It is your responsibility to take it from there.

Rules and Restrictions

  1. Games are to be written in Inform 7 or TADS 3 only.
  2. All games are to be written in English. No exceptions.
  3. Games must have a full walkthrough and complete source code submitted with them and the authors must agree to having their games posted to the archive with said source code and walkthroughs after the Comp is over and the winner announced. Hand or machine drawn maps are welcome but not necessary. All submissions become part of public domain and may have no copyrights of any kind attached.
  4. Number of entries limited to the first 10 authors who submit their entry intents.
  5. Minimum number of rooms is 25. Maximum of 100.
  6. No violence, sex, or vulgarities allowed (this is a family game); however, a large amount of silliness, along with extreme puzzle difficulty and cleverness of the game's opening introductory paragraph will determine the winning entry. Description of Emily is limited to the fact that she is the world's worst cheese thief in history. Any vulgarity pertaining to Emily of her in-game persona will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  7. Open to all except Emily since she is the subject of the comp. (However, she can get $50 just for being the subject of same. See below.)
  8. The prize is $50 to the winner and $50 to Emily if she agrees to sell the Inform 6 source code to Savoir-Faire to Radical Al for his exclusive use. Otherwise, the prize is $100 to the winner.

Schedule of Events

  • GESCH Comp opens for intents to enter: November 15, 2006.
  • Deadline for Judge Commitment: December 1, 2006.