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Developer Christopher J. Madsen
Interaction style
System Windows
System details
Latest version 2.0 rc 1 / 14 Sep 2007
Status Unmaintained
Uses interpreter

License GPL2+
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GUEmap is a Windows tool, and file format, for creating IF maps, developed by Christopher J. Madsen since 1996.

Version 1.x is shareware; paid registration is required to save/print maps with more than 10 rooms. Version 2 (notionally under development) is open source / free software.

File format

GUEmap's file format has the conventional file extension .gmp. There are quite a few maps in this format on the IF Archive.

Files saved by GUEmap 2 are compatible with GUEmap 1.x, as long as they don't exceed the version 1 limits.

IFMapper can also read maps in this format.


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