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Gareth Pitchford is a text adventure author, writer and researcher, who initially created games in the 1990s for the ZX Spectrum.

His early games were collaborations with Scott Denyer for the Delbert the Hamster Software label. Later games were published by Zenobi Software. Authorised CP/M ports for Amstrad CPC were produced by The Adventure Workshop.

In the 1990s, Gareth contributed to various fanzines such as Adventure Probe, Red Herring and From Beyond. He was the reviews editor for the Sam Adventure Club disk magazine. He was a playtester of several ZX Spectrum and SAM Coupe titles, such as Captain Kook.

Since 2018, Gareth has returned to writing adventure games for retro platforms. As well as producing his own work, he has collaborated with John Wilson and John Whatson.

He is the author of Twilight Inventory (a collection of reviews of homegrown text adventures from the 1990s) and an editor on the Classic Adventure Solution Archive. He maintains a series of text adventure writing resources and articles at

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