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GunchoComp is a competition to produce multiplayer realms for Guncho. The organizer is Jesse McGrew.

Entries must be written in Inform 7, using the Guncho extension, so the game can be played online as a realm within Guncho when the game is released. Realms must be developed privately, either offline or using Guncho's privacy settings so the game is only accessible to the author and beta-testers. The author must be able to name everyone who's played their realm before the realm is submitted to the comp. Authors may enter at most two realms.

Realms will be judged in two categories: Best Use of Multiplayer and Best Replay Value. Anyone may vote for a realm except that realm's author and the comp organizer. Everyone may discuss the realms during GunchoComp but should take reasonable care not to spoil the realms for other players. A forum for discussing GunchoComp entries, , has been set up so requirements for a realm may be announced (e.g. how many players are needed) and players may coordinate how they will play the realms together. Players may play a realm multiple times before voting.

Prizes, if any, to be announced. Donations are welcome.

For more detail on the above, see the full rules at GunchoWiki.


  • GunchoComp began on April 3, 2009.
  • Submission deadline: Entries must be received no later than August 6, 2009.
  • Judging period: To be announced, expected to be a six-week period.
  • GunchoComp closed on August 8, 2009 with no submissions.