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IFWiki has few guidelines regarding protected pages, as yet, but here's how we've been doing it so far:

  • The Main Page is a protected page and probably always will be, simply because it's too tempting and too public a target for spammers and vandals. Only IFWiki administrators may edit it directly. However, usually this is not necessary, and most edits can be done by editing the appropriate Main Page templates instead.
  • Other article pages may be marked protected if they prove to be frequent targets of spammers and vandals. There is, at present, no policy for when an article may return to unprotected status. If a user needs to edit a protected page and can't, he or she should add an appropriate comment on the article's Talk page (click the "discussion" tab at the top of the article to get there). You'll have to wait for an administrator to notice the comment and act on it. Which sucks and is inelegant, but that's what we've done so far.
  • We don't particularly like protected pages. It's not much of a wiki if only admins can edit. So we should try not to have too many protected pages at one time.
  • And we really really don't want to ever protect Talk pages. Ever. Not even Talk:Main Page. So, admins, please don't do that. Thanks.

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