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This page is to help people understand the structure of the software database. Most people won't be interested.

Infobox and navboxes

Two boxes are added to each software page - an infobox at the top of the page (about the piece of software) and a navbox at the bottom (about similar groups of software).


The two main pages are:

See also: IFWiki:Software without infoboxes.


The three navboxes are:

These navboxes are displayed in three ways:


The search form is linked to from the navboxes. Again, there are two main pages:


The drilldown page at Special:Drilldown/Software is linked to from the navboxes. It lets you drill down using various filters to find the software you need.

Recommendation pages

These should be useful for newcomers. The interpreter pages are linked to from IFDB.

  • The Stable utilities is a single page, not based on a template, and shows all stable utilities.