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This page is about the TADS 3 project on IFWiki. The aim of this project is to document TADS 3 more fully.

Rough Notes

None of this is yet cut in stone, but we should start thinking and working towards a more detailed treatment of TADS 3 in IFWiki.

  • All pages about TADS 3 should be categorized in Category:TADS 3 or one of its subcategories.
  • The article prefix T3: will be reserved for the use of pages in the TADS 3 project. Pages outside the TADS 3 project shouldn't use it.
  • We will want articles about the language based on TADS 3 keywords, words with especial meaning to TADS 3, and variables and functions defined by the default library.
  • We will want articles about the language in a more general sense, eg: Macros in TADS 3, Sense-passing in TADS 3, TADS 2 and TADS 3, etc.
  • The TADS 3 project should co-operate with the Code Compare project. Pages in the TADS 3 project should intelligently link to similar pages in other authoring systems, probably via a topic template at the bottom of the page.