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IF Art Show
Competition (series of events)
Frequency Discontinued
Part of series [[]]
Website [http:// ]
Organiser Marnie Parker
Events in this series
1999 Spring IF Art Show, 1999 Summer IF Art Show, 2000 IF Art Show, 2001 IF Art Show, 2003 IF Art Show, 2004 IF Art Show, 2007 IF Art Show
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The IF Art Show was a competition where authors submitted IF art pieces rather than games. Large plots and difficult puzzles were strongly discouraged; instead, entries focused on just one object, place, character, or activity, with the player's only goal being to explore and interact with whatever was being displayed.

The creator and organizer of the IF Art Show was Marnie Parker. Entries were entered into one of the following subdivisions: Still Life, Landscape, Portrait, or (beginning in 2003) Event. A pre-selected panel judged the entries. Prizes were sometimes awarded. The most notable game to come out of the Art Show was Galatea (2000).

IF Art Shows

Note: There was no art show in 2002, 2005, 2006, or 2008.