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IF Demo Fair
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Organiser Emily Short
Event dates
Registration begins 31 Jan 2011
Registration ends 18 Feb 2011
Submissions due 6 Mar 2011
Event begins 11 Mar 2011
Event ends 13 Mar 2011
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Held at PAX East 2011 (although not an official PAX event), the IF Demo Fair was a showcase of IF concept demonstrations organized by Emily Short. Her announcement of the event called for those with "a vision of the (or a) future of interactive fiction that you would like to share with interested players, authors, implementers and theorists" to share "any demonstration that can reasonably be construed as relating to interactive fiction and storytelling: traditional parser-based IF, works with multimedia and graphical components, choose-your-own-adventure, or interactive poetry."

The 23 entries were displayed on laptops in the IF Suite during PAX East. Participating authors included Jonathan M. Guberman, Jim Munroe, Aaron A. Reed, Victor Gijsbers, Robb Sherwin, Nick Montfort, Alex Warren, Allison Parrish, Matt Weiner, Sarah Morayati, and Juhana Leinonen. Leinonen's demo was for the Vorple interface.