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The newsletter of the ADRIFT community edited by Duncan Bowsman. Previously edited by Ken Franklin, Mystery, Woodfish, David Whyld, and Lumin. The newsletter features news, various articles and comments as well as a forum digest. Starting with issue 31, the InsideADRIFT newsletter also includes reviews of Interactive Fiction and ADRIFT games, incorporating the now discontinued Reviews Exchange.


The first two issues, under the name Drifters Monthly, were edited by Woodfish. Issue one, produced as a plain text file, can probably be seen as a high point of the newsletter as it was the culmination of a lot of speculation over such a project. Additionally the number of contributors was never to be reached again, a favourite of mine is the Let’s talk interactive fiction discussion between En Kerklaar and a camel.

Mystery took up the editor’s quill with issue three, and went for a web based format with an additional PDF version available. In many ways she set down the format that has continued through to this issue. Issue three had the catchy title of ADRIFT Newsletter, as a competition on the forum was deciding the new name. Issue four, with the winning title of InsideADRIFT appeared. The June issue seven was Mystery’s last as editor, due to family responsibilities over the summer holiday.

This was where Ken Franklin took over the editorship with the July 2003 issue. Changes were largely to stylistic matters, except for a new logo, and that pattern has been followed ever since.

The InsideADRIFT newsletter now has the domain name registered as well as its own ISSN (1743-0577).

The newsletter has been out of publication for a long time, due to lack of activity. However, a new issue 39 was released in October 2009.



Edited by Woodfish

  • Drifters Monthly Issue 1. August 2002. View PDF.
  • Drifters Monthly Issue 2. October 2002. View PDF.

Edited by Mystery

Edited by Ken Franklin

Edited by David Whyld

Edited by Lumin

  • InsideADRIFT Issue 36. September 2007. View HTML.

Edited by Ken Franklin

  • InsideADRIFT Issue 37. April 2008. View PDF.
  • InsideADRIFT Issue 38. July 2008. View PDF.

Edited by Duncan Bowsman

  • InsideADRIFT Issue 39. October 2009. Download (zip file with .taf and .doc versions).
  • InsideADRIFT Issue 40. December 2009. Download (zip file with .doc, .taf, and .pdf versions).
  • InsideADRIFT Issue 41. February 2012. Download (zip file with a .pdf and 8 ADRIFT games).


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