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Authoring system
Developer MBC
Interaction style Parser
Systems Amstrad CPC, Atari ST
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License Commercial
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Jade is an authoring system for the Atari ST and Amstrad CPC, released around 1987-1988 by MBC. It was one of the early French textual adventure authoring systems.

MBC had released several games produced using Gilsoft's Quill tool and Jade was an effort to move into that text adventure game utility market.

The Amstrad CPC version of the tool was by Stephane Merlo-Uyttendaele; who had previously written the Quilled games Marmelade and Rat Connection. Unlike the Quill, only disk-based games could be produced using Jade.

The Atari Legend site credits Didier Paradis, Richard Moretti and Jean-Charles Dulion for the Atari ST version.

A version for PC was planned but MBC folded before it was released.

Jade used a database editing system, with code based on conditions and actions, that is reminiscent of the Quill.

Unlike other programs at the time, such as Quill or GAC, it seems that users of Jade could only commercially publish their games with the permission of MBC; who would request 55% of the profits of any sale. This may explain the difficulty tracking down games produced with Jade.

A fan-made clone of Jade was in-development, many years later, under the name of Jadis.



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