La Sens Dessus Dessous

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La Sens Dessus Dessous
Part of series [[]]
Organiser Adrien Saurat
Event dates
Submissions begin 20 Apr 2023
Submissions due 13 May 2023
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La Sens Dessus Dessous is an interactive fiction game jam started by Adrien Saurat, open to any form of IF. Each entry was subject to a draw on its characteristics as constraints. For each achieved constraint, the entrant received a score, through a representative medal.

The main draw happened at the start of the Jam on Saurat's Twitch account, while further draws for latecomers could be requested from the organiser directly.

Themes and Constraints

The drawn constraints related to the entry's: theme, story genre or style, IF software, and a seed. The theme was drawn for each entry twice from a random page on French Wiktionary, similarly for the seed which used the random page function of Wikipedia. The genre/style and software was randomised from a pre-set list by the organiser.


  1. Each entry must be submitted in French
  2. Each entry should try to stay within the 99 to 999 words limit
  3. Any image or sound used should be used as decoration (not required to finish/understand the game)
  4. The use of AI in the text is discouraged, but allowed for other assets (must be mentioned)


Each entry could receive a virtual medal, depending on how many constraints they checked:

  • none: médaille de bois
  • one: médaille de pierre
  • two: médaille de bronze
  • three: médaille d'argent
  • all four: médaille d'or.