Llama Adventure

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Llama Adventure
Author(s) John Cooney
Publisher(s) Armor Games
Release date(s) 15-May-2009
Authoring system Flash
Platform(s) Web browser
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects yes
Graphics TBD
Sound/Music optional
Cruelty scale Cruelty to be determined

How It Begins

Whoever you think you are, the Master has decided that you are a llama. If you can succeed at solving the seven challenges he has chosen for you, perhaps you will not die a horrible fiery death.

Notable Features

  • The game is written for beginner players and does not assume that the player knows the standard IF conventions. However, the author is also unfamiliar with standard IF conventions, and several commands one might expect to work do not.
  • The parser uses a very limited set of verbs, although one of the valid verbs is USE. Commands are of the form verb, verb noun, or verb noun noun. Words in the input command that the parser does not understand are ignored.
  • Most text is white-on-black, but words that the parser understands are color-coded, so that synonyms are presented in the same color.
  • During player input, the game tries to guess/suggest the current word by means of a cartoon bubble above the input line, as a further aid to teach the player what words the game understands.
  • No compass directions. A bare GO command moves the llama PC to the next location, when possible.
  • Real-time element.
  • If you fail a challenge and die, the game offers you the choice to restart the current challenge without having to replay the game from the beginning. However, there are no commands equivalent to SAVE, RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT.
  • A walkthrough is available in-game.


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