Lucilla Frost

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Author Credits

  • British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (2004; ADRIFT).
    • Erins 2004: Winner of Best Female PC (British Fox). Runner-up for Best Game of the Year.
      Also a finalist in other categories: 4th Best Male NPC (Eugene), 3rd Best Female NPC (Grace), 3rd Best F/F Sex Scene (British Fox + Grace), 3rd Best Threesome/Orgy Sex Scene (British Fox + Grace + Eugene), 3rd Best Sex Overall, 4th Best Story, 3rd Best Atmosphere, 5th Best Technical Implementation/Use of Medium, and 4th Best Humor.
  • To Cage a Magpie (11-Mar-2006; TADS).
    • Erins 2006: Winner of Best Humour. Runner-up for Best Female PC (Magpie).
      Also nominated for Best Female NPC (Windsor), Best Male NPC (Smythe), Best Lesbian Sex Scene (Magpie/Windsor), Best Sex Overall, Best Writing, Best Technical Implementation, Most Innovative Game, Best Gameplay/Puzzles, Best Game.