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Erins 2006
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This year's organizer is BBBen.

Schedule of Events

  • 03-Jan-2007: Nominees announced, and voting begins.
  • 21-Jan-2007: Voting deadline.
  • 28/29-Jan-2007: Awards ceremony at ifMUD. From the forum at

    The Erin awards ceremony date is now more or less final. It will be held at the ifMUD at midnight GMT, on the 29th of this month. Note, that means that the ceremony will be held on the night of Sunday the 28th in the US and at midnight, Sunday night in the UK, while it will be Monday morning in Australia and other GMT+ time-zones.

  • 01-Feb-2007: Official newsletter announcement of the 2006 Erin Award winners.


Note: Placement of nominees after winners and runners-up is as yet unknown and are listed here in no particular order. Check the upcoming issue of the AIF Newsletter for complete results.

Note: BBBen commented during the ceremony that it was an error that there were seven nominees in the Multimedia category.
Note: BBBen commented during the ceremony that the vote for GoblinBoy as Best New Author was almost unanimous.