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Developer Shawn Sijnstra
Format Z-code
Interaction style
System Tandy TRS-80
System details TRS-80 Model 4/4D/4P running LS-DOS or TRS-DOS 6.2 (real or emulator)
Latest version Release 16 / 16 Jul 2023
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support No multimedia
License GPL 2.0
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M4ZVM is a Z-machine interpreter for the TRS-80 Model 4/4D/4P running LS-DOS or TRS-DOS 6.2. It was written by Shawn Sijnstra, ported from ZXZVM.

M4ZVM supports Z-machine versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8, as well as a minimal non-graphic support for z6. For ease of use, bootable disks with instructions are available at the itch.io M4ZVM page.


  • Full use of 80x24 screen including support for split screen in all story files including Seastalker
  • Reverse text highlighting, including when selected using colour changing codes
  • Accented characters (where available)
  • Command line switches to optionally enable the Tandy bit or turn off beeps
  • z1, z2, z3, z4, z5, z7 and z8 games can execute
  • Experimental support for z6 (excludes any graphics/complex screen modelling, can complete Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur with only minor cosmetic issues)
  • 128K version allows for any game Dynamic memory/Dynmem (i.e. up to 64K)
  • Named game save and load
  • Timed input
  • Keyboard mapping includes functions keys, with shift F1-F3 mapped to F4-F6, a total of 6 Function keys for games such as Beyond Zork
  • Transcript (printing)
  • Supports as much memory as your computer and drivers support (128k minimum recommended)
  • 64K cut-down version now also available. allowing up to 22K of z-machine Dynmem

M4ZVM is licensed under GPL version 2.


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