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Platypus is an alternative to the standard Inform 6 library, developed by Anson Turner.

The current version is 4+.


Features of Platypus, beyond those of the standard library, on which it is based:

  • A finer grained system for handling actions, which includes function properties for catching actions on indirect objects in place of the "fake actions" used by standard Inform 6.
  • Darkness is handled in a more logical fashion than in the standard Inform 6 library; there isn't a "thedark" pseudolocation.
  • It includes support for having NPCs perform actions.
  • Its parser contains support for adjectives.
  • Objects may be any combination of supporters, containers, and "hiders" (objects that can have other objects underneath.)
  • Some global entry point routines have per object property equivalents.
  • There is support for pathfinding between rooms on the map.
  • The system of "gizmos" and "cogs" allows a programmer to make changes to scope or to default messages by moving cog objects into and out of the appropriate gizmo object.

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Games that used Platypus release 4+

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  • Download from IF Archive. Platypus release 4+, Anson Turner's replacement for the standard Inform library (previously called "animalib"), along with documentation and example code.