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A kind of authoring system designed for non-programmers.

It's composed of a visual editor (QDK - the Quest Development Kit) for designing adventures, and the Quest interpreter to play them. The Quest Pro version also contains the CAS compiler and a packager to enable you to more easily distribute your game in a form without additional dependencies.

Games can be played in the original ASL (Adventure Scripting Language) format or compiled to a CAS format to prevent others from viewing or modifying your game's code. Games can written with the aid of the QDK visual editor or any text editor you prefer.

The QuestNet server allows multi-player games., but has been discontinued and has not been distributed since Quest 4.0.5.

All incarnations of Quest have been written in Visual Basic and have not been portable to systems running an OS other than Microsoft Windows.

Apart from that, Quest is a system with an easy and convenient syntax, and it can handle many situations for coding games, making it good for beginners. It can also include multimedia contents.

Quest Pro 4.14 has been released as freeware to the public and includes all features of the full program including the compiler and packager.

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Quest 5 supercedes, and is quite different to, Quest 4.