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Rakontointeraktiva is a group for discuting language and common strategies about localization of IF authoring tools, as well as sharing non anglophone Interactive Fiction news and knowledge. Rakonto interaktiva means Interactive Fiction in Esperanto. see also the Category:Rakontointeraktiva

Current state of the localization

Authoring systems

Localization process for various systems
Italian Spanish French German Finnish Dutch Swedish Russian Slovenian Lojban Esperanto
Inform 6 x x x x x x x x x x
Inform 7 x x x x
TADS 2 x
TADS 3 x x
Hugo x x
ADRIFT x x x x
Alan x
Quest x
JACL x x

See also: Inform 6 translations: complete list.


Other tools

Local Authoring Tools

Localization strategy

Common "Language Entry Points" should be the hooks and the starting point of the work of this group toward different localizations.

Rakontointeraktiva localstrategy.jpg