Robico Software

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Company founded by Rob O'Leary and Mike O'Leary to market their interactive fiction games.

They released several games, mainly for the BBC Micro and Electron computers from Acorn. Though ports for some of their games were made for the Archimedes, Amstrad and Commodore 64. The games were famous throughout the Acorn world for having large amounts of text squeezed into the tiny memory (32K) of the BBC Micro and Election.

The Engine used by the games seems to use a standard database for objects and descriptions but used hard coded 6502 machine code to perform actions.

The Games

Robico released the following games:

The Engine

There has been some work done on decoding the Robico Engine.

Both Stranded! and Rise in Crime were written by Heyley software using their own engine called HATRACK (Howard And Tony's Radical Adventure Creating Kit) which was based on the Adventurescape system.