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The Electron was the baby brother of the BBC Micro. It was produced a couple of years later as a cheaper alternative at half the price of the humble Beeb.

Technically it was very similar to the BBC; it had the same memory, the same processor (though slower), the same OS and very similar hardware. Though it did lack a few things: it only had single channel sounds, lack sound envelopes and didn't have the BBC's Mode 7 (Teletext mode).

For Interactive Fiction, none of these really matter - except for the lack of Mode 7, but authors worked around it. Not only was the Electron popular amongst home users, it had a plethora of Interactive Fiction written for it, even sparking off it's own Elk Adventure Club. It also had the advantage of being mostly compatible with the BBC: most games would immediately work, very few needed coaxing.

List of Games

Below is a list of games published for the Electron, organised by publisher. Some of these were available on the BBC (and virtually all would run on the BBC).