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Roger Firth is usually known simply as, erm, Roger. He lives in the UK.

Author Credits

Tech Credits

  • Co-author with Sonja Kesserich of Heidi, William Tell and Captain Fate (2002, 2004; Z-code) – demonstration games from The Inform Beginner's Guide.
  • Co-author with Sonja Kesserich of the Inform 6 FAQ.
  • Authored utilities INSTRUCTOR for reformatting Inform source programs, and INSPECTOR for analysing Inform game files.
  • Authored the following Inform extensions:
    • boxclever.h – Extends the 'box' statement to allow bold or underlined text.
    • CCPL.h – Adds a Creative Commons license.
    • checkout.h – Adds a CHECKOUT debugging verb to test room connections.
    • daemons.h (with Andrew Plotkin) – Puts daemons and timers in a priority order.
    • dump.h – Adds debugging verbs DUMP and IS for analysing Inform game files.
    • random.h – Provides a portable Z-machine/Glulx random number generator.
    • scenic.h (with Richard Barnett, Joe Mason, and Stefano Gaburri) – Embeds examinable-only scenery 'objects' within a room object.
    • shuffle.h – Shuffles a list of numbers and uses them in that order.
    • smartcantgo.h (with David Wagner) – Lists a room's exits.
    • StatusLineColors.inf (with Jay Goemmer) – Sets colours of the status bar.
    • stringmaker.h – Turns a byte character array into a packed string or vice-versa.
    • writelist.h – Changes the way object lists are printed so that an object's invent property can also be used within room descriptions.

Organizational Credits

Other Credits