Scott Adams' Ghost Town Redux

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Scott Adams' Ghost Town Redux was an event where authors were asked to submit adaptions, modifications, or reworkings of either all or part of Scott Adams' game Ghost Town. Scott Adams has generously granted permission for the use of his game Ghost Town for the purposes of this contest only.

The event was officially announced on March 27, 2007. The submission deadline was July 30, 2007. The organizer was Greg Boettcher.


  1. Participants should write a game that is a remake or adaptation of Scott Adams' Ghost Town (either the whole game or any part of it).
  2. There are basically no restrictions for what you can do in your adaptation, as long as you follow the other rules here. In the words of Scott Adams, participants can "do it as they like for the contest."
  3. Participants should send their game to the organizer by July 30, 2007. Games will be released as one compilation shortly afterwards.
  4. There will be no voting on the games, and no prizes, but everyone is encouraged to play the games and write reviews of them.


Only one game was submitted, but authors working on Ghost Town adaptations are encouraged to keep working on them; the only caveat is that they may need to get Scott Adams' permission (see this rgif thread).