SeedComp! 2023

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SeedComp! 2023
Part of series SeedComp!
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Event dates
Submissions begin 7 Dec 2022
Submissions due 7 Jan 2023
Submissions begin 9 Jan 2023
Submissions due 1 Mar 2023
Voting begins 3 Mar 2023
Voting ends 4 Apr 2023
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SeedComp! 2023 is the inaugural SeedComp!, running from late 2022 to spring 2023.


The Planting Round ran from 7 December 2022 until 7 January 2023, during which creators could submit 'seeds' as a base of inspiration for the following round. There were 69 entries submitted that year. The Sprouting Round ran from 9 January until 1 March 2023, during which participants were asked to submit a game based or inspired by at least one 'seed' from the previous round. There were 18 entries submitted for this round.

The voting process will span from 3 March until 31 March 2023, which allowed players to vote for 'awards' and submit stickers to games and seeds. The voting period ended up being extended to 4 April 2023, as it coincided with the deadline for the SpringThing. The results will be announced in early April 2023 (exact date TBD).


Game Awards

  • Best Overall: the game the player felt was the most worthy winner of SeedComp!
  • Best Story: the game with the story the player thought was best.
  • Best Technical: the game with the cleanest/most satisfying interactions, with the fewest bugs.
  • Best UI/Visual: the game with the best visual experience.
  • Best Prose/Writing: the game with the best text.
  • Best Puzzles: the game that contained the best puzzle or puzzles in all the games.
  • Most Sequel-worthy: the game the player most hoped gets a sequel.
  • Best Seed Subversion: the game that took one or more of its seeds in the most unexpected direction.
  • Best Seed Hybridization: the game that combined two or more seeds in the most satisfying way.

Seed Awards

  • Best Seed
  • Most Innovative Seed


The voters could also submit 'stickers', a unique award, as little phrases or title, to hand out in recognition of a thing that particular seed or game did well.