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Competition (series of events)
Frequency Annual
SeedComp logo.png
Part of series [[]]
Organisers Pinkunz, manonamora, Milo van Mesdag, Lucian P. Smith, Daniel M. Stelzer
Events in this series
SeedComp! 2023, SeedComp! 2024
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SeedComp! is a 2-round annual interactive fiction game jam started in late 2022, focusing on creativity and the growth of ideas.


SeedComp is separated into 2 distinct rounds: Planting and Sprouting:

  • During the Planting Round, you are invited to submit 'seeds' into the competition (text, images, code, etc...).
  • In the Sprouting Round, you get to select one or more seeds and use them as inspiration for your interactive fiction entry for fun, awards, and bragging rights!
  • All Sprouting entries will be made available to play shortly after. Similar to Spring Thing, they will be eligible for organiser-chosen Awards (unless authors opt-out) and voter-nominated Stickers.