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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for Sorcerer.

Copy protection

This information comes from the game's infotater feelie. The PC cannot leave the Guildhouse without making use of one of the following correspondences, chosen by the game at random:

  • Bloodworm is white-gray-black-red-black.
  • Brogmoid is red-purple-red-black-purple.
  • Dorn is gray-purple-black-gray-white.
  • Dryad is black-gray-white-red-red.
  • Grue is black-black-red-black-purple.
  • Hellhound is purple-white-gray-red-gray.
  • Kobold is red-purple-black-purple-red.
  • Nabiz is purple-black-black-black-red.
  • Orc is red-gray-purple-gray-red.
  • Rotgrub is gray-red-gray-purple-red.
  • Surmin is black-black-purple-red-black.
  • Yipple is gray-purple-white-purple-black.