Speed-IF 18

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The thirty-second Speed-IF was on January 26, 2002 and organized by Adam Biltcliffe.


Write a game in which the PC is fighting for his religion, which should involve the worship of cheese and/or alcohol. Try to include pasta, Decepticons or Windows XP. Bonus points for referring to the contents of ifMUD quotebooks (type 'quotelist' to see the list). Deadline is 21:15 MUDtime ... go!


  • The 'quotelist' command on ifMud no longer works. Sometime (when?) after this speed-if, quotebooks were replaced by the mud quote system. That is, quotes are now saved into their own database rather than an awkward set of book objects, and the new 'quote' command was created so users could access the quotes. Type 'help quote' on ifMud to learn more about the quote system.


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