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Room is standalone class in TADS 3 which defines a top-level game location.


Definition (see travel.t):

Template (see en_us.t):

  • 'name' 'destname'? "desc"?;


  • DarkRoom is a location without any light of its own.
  • FloorlessRoom is a location without any floor, walls, or ceiling.
  • OutdoorRoom is an outdoor location. (Rooms, by default, are assumed to be indoors.)
  • ShipboardRoom is a location on a ship, where it makes sense to use directions like aft and port.

Related classes:

  • NestedRoom is an enterable subsection of a location.
  • RoomPart is a wall, floor, ceiling, etc.

New or modified properties:


This simple example is adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. Note that it uses the Room template.

royalBedroom : Room 'Royal bedroom' 'the royal bedroom'
   "You have reached a splendid bedroom. The ceiling is like a great palm-tree,
    with glass leaves of the most costly crystal, and over the center of the floor
    two beds, each resembling a lily, hang from a stem of gold.
    One of the beds is white, the other is red."
   south = hallOfDreams
   out asExit(south)


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