The Comp With No Name 2008

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The Comp With No Name 2008 was an ADRIFT competition organized by Cowboy. The submission deadline was by June 1, 2008 (that is, the end of May 2008, UK time).

Only non-registered users of ADRIFT could submit games. The prize was a free ADRIFT registration, which would also be valid for the ADRIFT V.5.

Using the unregistered version of ADRIFT 4.0 restricted the authors to the following limitations in their games: no more than 10 rooms, 25 objects, 25 tasks, 5 events, 3 characters, 2 roomgroups, 10 synonyms, or 5 variables.

Voting was done by a juried panel. Games were publicly released on June 4, 2008. The winner was announced on June 5.



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