The Erudition Chamber

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IF Comp 2003
4th of 30
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XYZZY Awards 2003
Finalist - Best Puzzles
The Erudition Chamber
Erudition Chamber cover.gif
Author(s) Daniel Freas
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 29-Sep-2003
Authoring system TADS 2
Platform(s) TADS 2
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Cruelty to be determined

How It Begins

You are an empty-handed and apprehensive novice, standing with a guard in front of the massive oak door to the Erudition Chamber.

It had been a very bad day. Asked to rebalance the Keep's time flow inhibitor, you botched the operation horribly, stopping time in one half of the Keep and doubling the speed in the other. Fortunately no one was killed, except a ferret who died gruesomely.

Maester Drummond, unamused, ordered you sent into the Erudition Chamber for your punishment. Inside, you will discover that the Chamber is empty except for a table which holds a battle axe, a journal, a lamp, and a leather flask.

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