ADRIFT Intro Comp 2005

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ADRIFT Intro Comp 2005
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The challenge is to come up with a brilliant beginning to an Adrift game that is in a working playable form. This must really make the player want to actually continue with the rest of the game, if it existed. So, it is a competition for games that are just an introduction using no more than 3 rooms and is all about good writing rather than loads of actions/puzzles. Entries should be in by 21st May 2005 with judging taking place soon after. Organised by Richard Otter.

Adrift Intro Comp 2005

The results in the first Adrift Intro Comp are:-

The entries and voting form: Download Intro Comp Entries

For details of the voting: Voting Results

When voting you should award 3 points to your favourite entry, 2 to your second and 1 to your third. You should only have one thing in mind when judging, "Does this intro make me want to play game the rest the game?"

The deadline for voting was Saturday 28th May 2005 10.00am GMT.