ADRIFT Summer Comp 2004

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Organised by Ken Franklin.

Rules for this competition

Time limited. The game is must be written during the period 15-22 August 2004. To ensure compliance there will be required first and completion line for the game, as well as a compulsory object to be announced on 15 August 2004.

Size limited. The game is limited to 10 rooms as counted in the ADRIFT Generator. This does not stop simulation of other rooms and Hidden does not count as a room.

The build a better maze event. People don't like mazes in modern IF, can you create a small game (no more than 30 rooms in the generator) with a maze like structure that appeals to the modern player. The maze should be a significant part of the game consisting of at least 50% of the game locations (as shown in the generator).

Summer Competition 2004